Reviewing Haier Cube Refrigerator


Refrigerator and washing machine are two of the basic essential components of every home. We can’t do regular veggie and fruits shopping every day, neither does it alternatively in spite of many online clients in the run. We need a space to store and safeguard all those perishables through a week or 2. Sometimes the weather requires us to stock few commodities for over a week too. In those scenarios, we require refrigerators that have deep freezers, which can keep the food and things fresh and clean.  There are innumerable numbers of brands that have cropped up to compete for the same. Every brand has its own pros and cons, but few outweigh the cons and come on as a boon to us. Here is one such model, Haier Cube HTF-452DM7. As the name has it, it has a capacity of 452 litres, combined cooling and freezing space, definitely great for any home.

Here is the description of the model:

84cm Wide, super Stylish Appliances, every kitchen must haves

4 door, A++ energy saver

Separate temperature drawer

Overall quiet and efficient model

This model is a combination of style and technology in equal proportions.  Let’s dive deeper into the model make. So, how does this Look like? Haier cube is part of the CUBE series, which are super capacious models. This one is the compact one among them all, having a 4 door, with full-width fridge at the top and 2 separated freezer compartments at the bottom.

Height is standard at 190cm tall, but the width is actually more compact than the normal US style, side-by-side models at just 84cms.  It looks lush and sleek, with touch screen control panel over stainless steel, with white crisp displays. The doors are stainless steel with huge running handles, which is coated with lacquer to reduce finger prints. These cube series of refrigerators have a dual evaporating system that separates the cooling systems for the freezer and the fridge, ensuring that no odour moves from either of the compartments.

Talking about the inside:

Open the doors like you would do with a wardrobe, you will get to see a space that is lit with LED light at the overhead. The light is far forward to give enough light to the whole compartment even when partially closed by any produce. There are 4 full width and full depth glass shelves, and only the top most one has an adjustable positioning. It fits the standard shelf height when shifted to the second adjustable shelf. In case you have something beyond it, you may have to discard it or replace the containers.

There is a high humidity zone, which is on the left-hand bin; to preserve fruits and vegetables, where the shelf life of the food can be extended for another 3-7 days. So approximately your fruits and veggies stay fresh for 10 days! On the right-hand bin, is the zone drawer that has deep freezing at one bin, which runs between 0-5 deg Celsius. The lower bin is for meat and fish and the upper deck is for veggies and the rest are at the same temperature as the main fridge.



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Well, most refrigerators make some noise; this one from Haier is competitive and succeeds too. The company in the energy efficient brochure claims that this makes noise at the max to 40dB of sound, and voila, it adheres to it, only when the capacity is full. If it's less, then the noise level is only at 36dB. All this is the same even in the quietest night.


Haier is best in its performance and the Cube series excels. A remarkable consistency was seen in the humidity and temperature, ranging 4 deg in the drawers, throughout the fridge. It preserves the food and stuffs inside very well. Freezer performance is exemplary in all the compartments, without any problems.

If you want to use the freezer for something quick, then you may have to do Power freeze to speed up the process, else it takes a bit of time to do it normally. In case of power outage, the top most shelf of the freezer compartment and the below fridge sections have a three hours' time limit. The below ones have 3 times of the same, so you can imagine the freshness and the performance of the fridge, even when you don't have power!


Obviously, there is no product without lows, but the number of them decides the purchase factor, and we give a double Thumbs up for this product, as it crosses every factor and boundary amazingly!

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