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We are an independent and a non-profit organisation that works for consumers and is bought by consumers. We strive to create a fair, safe and healthier world, where everyone has the right to Information for anything and everything. We started as a small group of company, to aid people in making the right choice of the product when there was no internet to let people make the right choices. Earlier too, products were made in bulks and were explored by people of all classes. The question that haunted most was the use and performance of the products, cause technology was expensive and nobody would dare to make an experiment out of such stuff.

That’s where we started to pitch in, to provide customers with right, unbiased and objective based advice on the products that were released globally and readily available in the markets for high rates. Since our journey we have exposed unfair bank fees, wrong products that never adhere to safety standards, dangerous and health hazardous appliances and those that weren’t covered under any sort of insurances. Our journey has made some fruitful awards too, for the service that we rendered selflessly and are still doing the same.

Our role in drafting an important law, national Consumer Protection law was commendable. We have been constantly bullied and threatened, but we have never given up, and we will never ever too. With today's unlimited internet access, we have all the information a consumer needs about any household appliance at his fingertips. Though we have magazines of our own, and we do publish for various other public magazines, online info is the most looked upon portfolio. Unaltered by any commercial influences, we have exposed a lot of public health and safety issues that had gone unnoticed, we have always been there to raise consumer voices against any injustice that happened accidentally or incidentally.

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